Day 5 Review – AusCycling Track National Championships 

The state of origin rivalry extended to the boards at this year’s national championships as Queensland took on New South Wales in the Elite Women’s Team Sprint final on the final day of the 2020 AusCycling Track National Championships 

The Brisbane crowd was treated to a hometown victory as the Queensland team of Desree Barnes, Kristina Clonan and Jacqui Mengler-Mohr took the gold medal.

“It was important to us to set the fastest time of the day, as this is the first time that the Women’s Team Sprint is a ‘three up’ at Nationals, we’d set the national record,” said Mengler-Mohr.

“To have achieved this result with a unique group of girls that consists of myself as a Under 19 rider, Kristina as an elite and Jacqui as a master, is very special and we are very proud,” said Barnes.

The New South Wales Team of Kalinda Robinson, Tyler Putzika and Selina Ho won silver and in third place was the team out of the ACT of Claudia Marcks, Lily Stratford and and Felice Beitzel.

In the men’s keirin, Matt Glaetzer made his attempt for gold with two laps to go.

“I usually try to start my sprint at one and a half to go but the gap between myself and Leigh Hoffman was closing up quickly and I didn’t want to slow down and get swamped; so, the next best option was to start my sprint at two to go,” said Glaetzer.

The move was unfortunately costly for Glaetzer, who was beaten to the line by visiting rider, Mohammed Azizulhasni Awang of Malaysia.

“I was aware I was leading him out, so I tried to save some energy for the last part of the sprint, but he was too good,” admitted Glaetzer.

Glaetzer was still awarded the national jersey as the best-placed Australian rider, as the Malaysian pairing of Mohammed Azizulhasni Awang and Muhummad Shah Firdaus Sahrom finished with gold and bronze respectively.

Lauren Perry won gold in the Elite Women’s Scratch Race ahead of visiting rider Shannon McCurley (Ireland) and Bree Hargreave (South Australia).

A decisive lap early secured Jensen Plowright (Victoria) the gold in the Elite Men’s Points Race with Kurt Eather (New South Wales) winning the final sprint to secure himself the silver medal ahead Conor Leahy of Western Australia.


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Haylee Fuller (New South Wales) won the U19 Women’s Points Race after making one crucial lap gain that proved all the difference. She was joined by teammate Sarah Cliff (New South Wales) on the podium in second with Alli Anderson (South Australia) third.

Alastair Mackellar (Queensland) won the U19 Men’s Individual Pursuit with Devarge Grewal (New South Wales) and Leo Zimmermann (South Australia) rounding out the podium.

Day 5 Champions 

U19 Women Points Race

  • Gold: Haylee Fuller (New South Wales)
  • Silver: Sarah Cliff (New South Wales)
  • Bronze: Alli Anderson (South Australia)

U19 Men Individual Pursuit

  • Gold: Alastair Mackellar (Queensland)
  • Silver: Devarge Grewal (New South Wales)
  • Bronze: Leo Zimmermann (South Australia)

Elite Women Team Sprint

  • Gold: Queensland Desree Barnes, Kristina Clonan, Jacqui Mengler-Mohr
  • Silver: New South Wales Kalinda Robinson, Tyler Putzika, Selina Ho
  • Bronze: Australian Capital Territory, Claudia Marcks, Lily Stratford, Felice Beitzel

Elite Women Scratch Race

  • Gold: Lauren Perry (Tasmania)
  • Silver: Shannon McCurley (Ireland)
  • Bronze: Bree Hargreave (South Australia)

Elite Men Keirin

  • Gold: Mohammed Azizulhasni Awang (Malaysia)
  • Silver: Matt Glaetzer (South Australia) NATIONAL CHAMPION
  • Bronze: Muhummad Shah Firdaus Sahrom (Malaysia)

Elite Men Points Race

  • Gold: Jensen Plowright (Victoria)
  • Silver: Kurt Eather (New South Wales)
  • Bronze: Connor Leahy (Western Australia)


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