Teams: AusCycling – Victoria

AusCycling Victoria Announcement

Twenty-six (26) Victorian Athletes have been selected to represent AusCycling Victoria at the National Championships as they do battle on the board for the coveted green and gold jersey.

At the State Championships Alessia McCaig set a new National Record in JW19 Flying 200m stopping the clock at 11.218s and backed this up by lowering the National JW19 Time Trial (500m) to 34.528s.

In the longer format, Alyssia Polites displayed both strength and pacing by setting a new National Record in the JW19 Individual Pursuit (2000m) qualifying and final with a time of 2:21.007.

Under the guidance of State Team Manager Annina Gallagher, VIS Coaches Shane Kelly and Vanessa Bof, the team is sure to make its presence felt across all events and we wish them all the very best.

Junior Men (JM19)

  • Alex Jones (CAR)
  • Tarun Cook (BBN)
  • Jackson Hadden (BGO)
  • Jackson Hribar (CAR)
  • Dylan Proctor- Parker (CAR)
  • Mitch McGovern
  • Kai Felstead (BBN)

Junior Women (JW19)

  • Lucinda Stewart (CAR)
  • Alyssa Polites (CAR)
  • Sophie Marr (BBN)
  • Hayley Jenkins (BWK)
  • Sophie Sutton (BBN)
  • Alessia McCaig (BGO)

Elite Men:

  • Graeme Frislie (BWK)
  • Jensen Plowright (HAW)
  • Bill Simpson (CAR)
  • Henry Dietze (BWK)
  • Blake Agnoletto (BGO)
  • Pat Eddy (BGO)
  • Jordan Villani (STK)
  • Sam Gallagher (BBN)
  • Ned Pollard (BGO)

Elite Women:

  • Caitlin Ward (BBN)
  • Ashlee Jones (CAR)
  • Samantha De Riter (STK)
  • Keely Bennett (BWK)